What I’m Working On…

Music is always running through me, so I always find myself creating in my spare time. While touring with HIRIE, I make time for my spare projects, like new Dillinger Music originals and recording for other artists.

Right now, I aim to release two new instrumental singles under Dillinger’s Hired Guns by the end of 2020 — fully self-produced and recorded!

I’m calling them “Ninjelephant” and “Witchduck”, both featuring some close acquaintances. Keep your ears open for more info coming shortly!

Also, I am working on a new album for my good friends in Shrub! A band out of Ohio (in which I was a founding member), Shrub shoots to novel heights with their forthcoming full-length, a work in progress I’m taking very seriously, as I am making my producing debut. Besides that album, I’m working with various other artists to make their singles pop with authentic instrumental tracking. If you need your next single to shine, please keep me in mind for a collab — I’m available!